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Off Leash: Bonus Content (Nitty Gritty Series Book 1)

I wrote this book to highlight real teen issues, poverty and death. I created Jay and because he was so angry with his life I knew I needed to add a positive element so that's why Fay came to be his little sister. When I started writing this book I had no idea it would become my therapy. Growing up in a small fishing community my good friend, my only friend at the time, died of cancer when she was eleven and I guess I never got over that. This book was hard to write but I love the relationship that developed between all the characters.

Off Stroke (Nitty Gritty series Book 3)

The hard knocks of life keep piling up for Eje.

Born into a country on the brink of civil war, he knows the real meaning of survival. After a decade living in Canada, things aren’t getting any easier but if he can keep his head down for his last year of high school he thinks there might be an out for him from his poverty-stricken neighborhood.

Too bad fate likes to throw fastballs at Eje and he’s forced into an afterschool paddling program.