Chosen by the Sea

Chosen by the Sea

A Siren's Lure Novel, Book One. Volume One

Meet Gemini, a 15 year-old, starting high school who discovers she’s really a Siren and the key to a prophecy to stop a plague killing people from her realm.

The only problem is that Gemini doesn’t believe in mythological creatures or gods.

Off Leash: Bonus Content (Nitty Gritty Series Book 1)

I wrote this book to highlight real teen issues, poverty and death. I created Jay and because he was so angry with his life I knew I needed to add a positive element so that's why Fay came to be his little sister. When I started writing this book I had no idea it would become my therapy. Growing up in a small fishing community my good friend, my only friend at the time, died of cancer when she was eleven and I guess I never got over that. This book was hard to write but I love the relationship that developed between all the characters.