Chosen by the Sea

Chosen by the Sea

A Siren's Lure Novel, Book One. Volume One

Meet Gemini, a 15 year-old, starting high school who discovers she’s really a Siren and the key to a prophecy to stop a plague killing people from her realm.

The only problem is that Gemini doesn’t believe in mythological creatures or gods.

Ever since she drowned and came back to life from a freak boating accident a few weeks before school starts, she’s been forced by her mother to take anti-psychotic drugs to keep her newfound world at bay. Now, Gemini dresses like an EMO-teenager to avoid everyone.

All that changes when a make-believe person becomes a solid, teenage hunk who starts to befriend her and who tells her he’s really a Titan.

He introduces Gemini to a world she’s afraid to fall in love with, especially since everyone in the ocean wants to kill her so her blood will cure the plague.

High school drama, overzealous cheerleaders, and sexy hockey players are nothing compared to the political back-stabbing and murderous intentions of one vengeful Siren queen, who wants to rule all the oceans.

Gemini must battle a prophecy, while vowing to pass grade ten math or die trying, plus keep her newfound powers hidden from both humans and the gods who start to invade her mind and senses.