Chosen by the Sea - Book One, Volume One

chosen by the sea

Chosen by the Sea

A Siren's Lure Series, Book One, Volume One

by Renee Pace

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Everyone wants to be normal. But after a boating accident in the summer, nothing will ever be normal for Gemini again. Pulled under by a rogue wave, Gemini drowned. Beneath the surf she transformed into something...other...but she can't remember what. Since her resurrection she's been haunted by the lure of the sea. The anti-hallucinogenic pills her mother forces her to take do nothing to keep the mystical world at bay as imaginary worlds become real. But no one believes her, not her family and not the kids she used to call friends. 

In self-defense against the mocking high school crowd, Gemini dresses as an EMO. If she can't be normal then no one needs to be close to her. But, one heartthrob of a boy with powers she’s afraid of says he’s her protector, while the new boy in school, the Captain of the Hockey team, simply wants to be her boyfriend. She’s not sure who to trust and things become complicated when her parents are kidnapped. 

Outside of trying to pass math, Gemini must learn how to embrace the pain of transformation and return to the sea. All this while trying to learn exactly who and what she is. The power of the sea can’t be denied.

Here's what Reviewers are saying:

"This was the first installment of a story about a teen girl discovering everything she thought she knew about her family, her home, her past, was wrong. I really like the way she tries to deal with it all - school, boys, drowning and becoming something unreal. The girl has some attitude, and some serious backbone - loved her! I can't wait to read the next part!" - Kindle Reviewer

"Short but great writing; enjoyable and will appeal to dark fantasy lovers or anyone who appreciates mermaid literature - which seem to be coming into fashion. Teens will easily identify with the main character and her struggles and fears; as well as her desire to find a more meaningful and magical existence." - Kindle Reviewer

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