Welcome to my new website. I’m so glad you dropped by. Lots has happened in my life over the course of a few years. My four children are getting big and I have one already in his third year of university at Waterloo University which means he’s far from home and I have a second son about to leave the nest this September 2016 as he heads off to university. I’m sort of doing my happy dance. I love having the house to myself to work on my new company – and to write.

I’m rediscovering my love for young adult paranormal and I hope you will enjoy my new Chosen by the Sea serial series. I tend to write about what I know and I have a very intimate relationship with the sea and I hope readers will fall in love with Gemini, a 15 year-old teenager, who is trying to discover who she really is. Isn’t that what most teens are doing? Trying to figure out who they are and how they fit in with their world.

The fun part about writing this story was the introduction of hockey. Who knew the world of hockey could be so educational but I’m having a lot of fun with my heart-throb character, Blaine, who is the Captain of the school’s hockey team.

This is the first time I’ve launched a serial series and they’ll be about 20,000 words each and I’m madly working on book two.

I hope you sign up for my newsletter as I’ll be giving my subscribers free chapters and insights.

Thank you for dropping by.