Off Limits (Nitty Gritty series Book 2)

Lindsay looks and acts like the perfect fifteen year-old, but she’s hiding a dirty little secret that no amount of fashionista coverings can make better. Telling her mother her step-father is molesting her is not an option. Trying to kill herself again haunts her more than the scars on her wrists, and pretending to be perfect at school might very well drive her over the edge.

Megan knows all about lying. It's been part of her life ever since she realized the only way to escape her poverty-stricken neighborhood was to work hard, keep her mouth shut and wear a mask no one can penetrate. All that changes when Lindsay befriends her. Can two girls who have little in common discover the value of a real friendship or will the secrets they dare not speak destroy them both?


Rave Reviews:

"Off Limits is the story of two girls at the same prep school. Both are completely different, yet both draw you in so that you want to learn more about them, their history and their secrets. Renee Pace's Nitty Gritty series deals with serious teen issues and the harsh realities that young adults must deal with day to day. Off Limits really gets you to look beyond the surface and not judge those around you. Everyone has a story to tell, and Pace gives us two well thought out characters with page-turning secrets. I had a hard time putting this one down until I knew what the secrets were and how Lindsay and Megan would be able to deal with them. I highly recommend this realistic tale of teen life." - Kindle Reviewer


"Off Limits had me holding on to the edge of my seat half the time, and the other half of the time I was talking back to the characters. My husband said, "It must be a gripping good book the way you're acting." Gripping is an understatement for this book. The only bad thing about this book is it ended too soon." - Kindle Reviewer

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