I dreamt my book went home again,
transformed, reformed, shuddering
like Proteus on the turn, changing shape;  - (from Naso off the Shelf by Josephine Balmer)

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Thanks for dropping by and taking time out of your day to visit my site. You can find all you want about me in my BIO page, and under my BOOKS section youíll get a brief blurb on the novels Iím writing. In NEWS thatís the page to check out my book signing, (paparazzi feel free to follow me-loll), FYI showcases the weird info I pick up on a daily basis and ZONE displays my eclectic music. I tend to write young adult paranormal stories with music blaring away in the background Ė good way to zone out the rest of the noise in my house. Drop me an email under the HOME page and donít forget to sign up for my newsletter. Thanks again for dropping by.


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